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My Photography Style (Weddings, Engagements & Portraits)

March 26, 2019

DC Wedding Photographer Rhea Whitney Photography

Natural, timeless, classic, fun!

When I first started photography, I really took the time to figure out what my style was. I was only able to figure out what I love shooting, by first shooting absolutely everything. I’m talking everything from baby showers, clubs, couples, families, studio sessions) I mean you name it and I’ve been there done that. The wonderful thing about experiencing different styles is really honing your own. I found myself very drawn to the classic, timeless, fun and romantic style. It’s why I fell in love with wedding photography and engagements. It had all the elements that I really loved shooting!

I found what I love shooting and the methods that I love shooting after years of practice. And what I know for sure is is that I am a LOVER of GOOD soft light. Especially when it hits that golden hour, you get that beautiful touch of light that just makes people glow and look so good on camera!

Dc Wedding Photographer Rhea Whitney Photography

Talking about looking good on camera, the truth is, not everyone is comfortable with being in front of a camera and that happens to be one of my favorite aspects of being a photographer. I get to help people feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera, and the best part is that they don’t have to worry or stress about “Am I posing right?” because I love helping people and being very involved in guiding them with posing. I want to make sure that my clients not only look good but feel good to. It’s an experience that I know my clients can walk away from and tell others that they truly enjoyed their time and of course, ultimately LOVED their photos!


Portraits, to me, are so classic and chic! So timeless! This does not mean that I don’t love authentic and geniune moments as well but I am in love with creating portraits in a purposeful scene and body lanuguage. I think of these times as heirlooms! One that you can look back on and remember the moment clearly and relive those exact emotions you were feeling.



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