May 9, 2019

My Spring 2019 Education Experiences!


Last week I was a bit MIA from Social Media. If you follow me on Instagram @PhotobombAcademy you might have seen some behind the scenes of my amazing week! This week, I am feeling super refreshed and inspired! I took the week to get in some Spring Education. Which if you know me, you know that how important education is. I’m all about really investing in your education to elevate your mind, and your business.

I am very intentional in investing my money and time to learn new things. Education is a great way to fill up your creative juice box so you can feel confident in your craft. It will also make you ready to create new magic with your clients.

Personally in my business, education helps me to continue to refresh my mind, getting new ideas, finding new ways of approaching my business and helps me make small changes within my business to better talk to my ideal clients, current clients, and past clients.

I had so much fun this week, learning new successful ways other creatives are making waves within their business. It helps give me new ideas that I can consider incorporating new things into mine. It’s such a wonderful experience to step outside of your world and meet and network with other creatives. It’s a great way to learn new things and share journeys with each other.

One important takeaway is that, as a business owner, it’s always important to think about your BOTTOM line first and ways you can serve your clients better while still maintaining your own personal sanity and personal time.

After this educational week, I’m inspired to push the envelope more as a creative and I am learning not to let fear hinder my success, but rather to take the risks if they feel right in my heart.

Apart from that, you might have seen me having a blast at the Mystic Seminar on a cruise to Cuba with some of the top wedding photographers around the world and it was such a great experience!

I also had the opportunity to shoot DC Wedding Week. The Thursday workshops were full of education for creatives. Each were insightful on best practices and tips to integrate into my business! I look forward to implementing my learnings into my business, and better serve my clients. I’m also super excited to educate others from these amazing experiences.

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