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meet rhea

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Well, I’m a true flower child that loves the outdoors and nature (I’m obsessed with putting my bare feet in the grass, y’all!), the youngest daughter of three sisters, a true sports lover (I was a little tomboy growing up that only loved to wear overalls!), an aunt to the cutest baby girl, Luna Mae, a libra and an overall lover of all things aesthetically pleasing! Some would say that I’m outgoing and a people person and that I’ve never met a stranger! LOL Born in North Carolina and growing up in multiple states, I’ve learned the value of making new friends and cherishing the old. Connecting with people through photography is one of the most rewards parts of the job for sure. 

A proud HBCU grad, (#HU!) I walked away from my corporate job in accounting in 2015 to pursue my passion of photography full time. Faith and passion drive me to build my business, perfect my craft, and accomplish each goal I set!

Hey there! 

Thanks for stoping by! I'm glad you've come here to learn more about me! So, who am I you ask?!

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"Happiness equals reality minus expectations."
- Tom Magliozzi

I literally feel like I can find whatever clothing item I need at either Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack, ya feel me?!

I LOVE Nordstrom!

Having a cup before my day gets started is always the best feeling in the world!

bUT, I LOVE Coffee even more!

I LOVE my close friends and family and really value having real, authentic relationships in my life., Making others smile and feel great about themselves is what I was born to do! 

I’m a people person to the core!

I love exploring new places and changing up the scenery! With my passport and camera in hand, I’ve been fortunate to be able to capture beautiful memories around the globe!

I am a true jet-setter!!

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Finance from Howard University and was raised by a mathematician (HEY MOM!)! I love calculating things and am the go-to “Count Dracula” of my friends! 

I’m a (lowkey) numbers geek!

When I have free time during the summer, you can most likely catch me on the bay catching some sun or planning a quick trip to the beach to dip my toes in the sand!

My father is a fisherman and because of that, I LOVE to boat and fish!!

Whether it be a new recipe or just a meal I’ve been craving, whipping up a good dish in the kitchen brings me so much joy! And if I’m having friends over, they KNOW to come hungry! :)

I loveeeee to cook!

more fun facts about me

I remember the day when I found out that my parent’s wedding photographer was a fraud; I was legitimately heart broken!! The photographer not only robbed my parents of their money, but stole their memories and a piece of our history. Their misfortune shaped the photographer that I am today and I vow to provide the best photography experience to each of my clients. I am committed to delivering images that are timeless and romantic, yet fun and natural that capture the priceless moments of life. Photographs serve as heirlooms of our most treasured milestones and the honor of capturing it all is not to be taken for granted. Being a documenter and an image creator is a gift that I don’t take lightly. It’s about anticipating moments and planning time to create imagery that stands the test of time.

There is no better joy than to to freeze special moments in time and to allow my clients to relive the emotion and love they felt through an image as time moves on!

my "why"

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Rhea Whitney Photography operates on the highest level of integrity and servitude providing quality images with an unmatched client experience that brings out the natural beauty In each person. 

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