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Favorite Books for Entrepreneurship, Mindset and Being a Badass Boss

September 23, 2019

Favorite Books for Entrepreneurship, Mindset and Being a Boss

I wanted to give you insight into some of my favorite books for entrepreneurship, healthy mindset and simply being a badass girl (or guy) boss! These are books that have really made an impact on me and my business with Rhea Whitney Photography and PhotoBomb Academy. And my hope is that you find them helpful in your journey!

Full Disclaimer: Please be mindful that if you would love to purchase these books, you can simply click on the link titles and it will take you to my Amazon affiliate links which simply provides me a small commission if you do choose to buy, at no additional cost to you! You can also check out the full list by clicking here: #RheaReads
  1. The Rise of the Youprenuer – A great book for all solo-preneurs on how to build the “brand you” and the strategy it takes to grow a thriving business
  2. Secrets of a Six-Figure Women – great stories and tips shared with all different types of six-figure women; showing why pushing the bar with our pay in important!
  3. Daring Greatly – explaining the need for vulnerability and how to show up BIG for yourself
  4. The 4-hour Workweek – breaks down how to be most effective with your time and productive; helps to create a mindset shift on how you spend your time
  5. Year of Yes – motivation to live life to the fullest!! saying YES to those big, scary things
  6. A Return to Love – A Course in Miracle – how to understand what a miracle is and the spiritual connection to a higher being and your purpose/calling on life
  7. Money Master the Game – breaking down what some of the wealthiest people do to manage their investments and money. Totally financial game changer!!
  8. Building a Story Brand – how to create a clear and concise message through your  marketing efforts to attract your ideal person
  9. Turning Pro – how to face resistance as an entrepreneur and fight through the fear and false emotions that arise
  10. The Four Agreements – the 4 basic principles to live by for personal freedom and self-enlightenment

I seriously recommend checking these books out! Let me know in the comments which books intrigue you the most from this list and why. Share with me: What are some of your favorite books that have made an impact on your journey. How have they influenced you?

If you loved this recommended books list, you can download the full list as a freebie below!

  1. Kelli says:

    Thanks Rhea for the list. I’ve read a few of them already and have added the others to my list to read.

    Thanks again,


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