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3 Reasons Why Every Couple Should Do A First Look

January 27, 2017

OMG – did someone say FIRST LOOK?! AHH! That’s like music to my ears! I think it’s probably music to every photographer’s ears actually. First looks are really that amazing and there are many reasons why I’m #TeamFirstLook. As a result, I decided to dedicate a whole blog post on why you should be seriously considering having a first look. 🙂

1. Sharing a private and intimate moment with just you two – Before the big day begins, there’s something so special about being able to see your future husband or wife all dressed up first! Sharing an intimate moment with just you two is really special and something you’ll remember forever! I’ve noticed that there’s a calming sensation that comes over the bride and groom for the rest of the day and they tend to enjoy the joy and celebration of the big day, seeing all of the hard work paying off!

2. More portraits! – I mean, it couldn’t get much better than that right?! As your photographer, having more bride and groom portraits in your wedding gallery is always a plus! These are for sure the images that you will cherish for years to come and (hopefully) enlarge for your home and/or your family members home. You only get to wear that beautiful dress and custom tux one time – so in order to make the most out of your big day, the first look creates an intimate moment for you to take more bride and groom portraits together alone with perfect light (def an added plus!)!

3. Creates more time – The wedding day timeline is always super packed with many things to accomplish and for me to capture. So when your vendor suggests that a first look creates MORE time, it’s seriously something to be considered! Having a first look relieves some of the pressure of the images that need to be taken after the ceremony and during the cocktail hour. If by chance the day begins to run behind, the first look ensures that we captured amazing bride and groom portraits. It also helps to make sure this part of the day isn’t rushed.

Doing what you feel is most comfortable and what you’re compelled to do is what’s most important on your wedding day. Try not to be talked into doing anything other than what you feel is right. And in my opinion, doing a first look is just right. 🙂

Enjoy a few of my fav first look moments! All images by Rhea Whitney Photography.

Wedding at Metropolitan @ the 9

Wedding at The Barn at Silverstone

Wedding at 1757 Golf Club

Wedding at Potomac Point Winery

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