February 8, 2017

Houston Portrait Session | Lauren & Blythe


Going to Houston and capturing these portraits for Lauren was not only a lot of fun, but was very meaningful for me – it’s always an honor to be able to create meaningful portraits my friends and family to cherish. Lauren and I met at Howard University our freshman year of college. We shared many similar friends as freshman, and through the years, have experienced SO many great memories together building our bond with great laughs and heartfelt tears. Honestly, she is a true gem as a friend and what I love about her the most is I can always count on her for good, solid life, God filled advice. To see her as a mother  to Blythe, makes my entire heart smile! She’s caring, generous, helpful, comforting and has great southern traditions and roots that ground her. Her relationship and love for her daughter is not only easily seen, but very much so easily felt!

When I decided to make a trip to Houston, (my second home these days 😉 ), she was SO excited to schedule a long past due mommy/daughter session with me. Houston has some of the most beautiful parks and green spaces I’ve ever seen and as a photographer with a love for natural scenery, I was pretty much in heaven! LOL We had her session at Hermann Park, that served as a perfect background for their session, as Lauren too, is a lover of flowers and gorg nature spaces. I like to define my style of photography as one that showcases various pops of color and spaces with unique texture to add a beautiful scene for my portrait sessions. It’s also very important for me to capture individual images of each of my subjects during a session.

Below are my favorites from their session – I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Images by Rhea Whitney Photography

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