April 13, 2016

#GirlBoss Highlight – Victoria of Victor Group LA


Rhea Whitney Photography Victor GroupVictoria, owner of Victor Group LA,  is definitely one of my favorite people to collaborate with! Between the creative juices that we both share and being sorority sisters, the #GirlBoss bond with this girl is SUPER real! I love her, her grind, her passion and all that she’s taught me about branding and strategic marketing.  Vic and I have been friends since we met at Howard in  2007 and have always shared a common spirit, which led us both to launching our own businesses. Having a line sister that is in a similar place in life with me has been such a blessing and amazing support!

Victoria is a Brand Architect, specializing in helping other determine their greatness and honing in of what they are passionate about. I like to think of her as a idea generator/sculpture. She’s worked with amazing brands such as Nike, Mazda and Motions and thanks to her keen eye for detail and her “go hard or go home” attitude, Victoria has a drive to WIN and to help others win, too! I mean, how can you NOT love someone like that!?

I’ve enjoyed helping Victoria with images that she uses for her marketing and branding because I find that it’s easy to capture her drive and demeanor on camera. Maybe it’s because I know her personally, but when we work together, we always have a way of bringing out the best in each other! I also love to assist Victoria with tips and tricks on how to take better pictures herself, with her DSLR camera. As a creative and entrepreneur, I totally understand how important great consistent imagery is for a brand. Like most people, we judge a book by its cover, so having good imagery is the first level of validation to someone that is interested in working with you. Victoria is one of the main reasons I launched PhotoBomb, a one-on-one photography training, because she pushed me and told me that other creatives and entrepreneurs need help with photography, too. I soon hope to be able to offer online classes for entrepreneurs that aren’t in the DMV area, so that my reach of helping and serving others is even more board.

Are you a creative, entrepreneur or blogger that wants to learn how to take better pictures with your DSLR camera for marketing and branding purposes? If so, check out my Photobomb training and contact me for more information on how to confirm our session together. I promise you won’t regret it! The information and documents I share with you will give you an AH-HA moment (or 2) and you’ll see a change in your pictures for sure. Let me help you to be better!

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