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#GirlBoss Highlight – Dominique Broadway

March 22, 2016

It’s only right my first #GirlBoss highlight is one of my favorite clients, Dominique Broadway. Dominique has believed in Rhea Whitney Photography since it’s inception and has truly watched my brand grow from the ground up! I LOVE having friends that turn into repeat clients and are super loyal to you and your brand – it’s such a great feeling! I also LOVE creating great imagery to match my entrepreneur client’s brands! Good imagery is such an important part of building a great brand because there is a level of credibility that the consumer sees when they first view your brand!Dominique's Session-37

As the photographer, it’s important for me to know the feel of my client’s brand in order to properly create images to match. The feel of the brand can be described using the key words you’ve identified for your business/brand. For example, my key words that describe #RheaWhitneyPhotography’s style is natural, classic, vibrant, and romantic. Those words give the reader a clear visual description of the brand feel. Also, it’s important for me to have an understanding of the products/services that you offer so that I can help to curate images of you in the best way possible. With the #GirlBoss, Dominique Broadway as an example, we decided on the location of her shoot based on the overall premise that when people see her headshots, they see a happy, smart, polished woman that they’d love to work with. Take a few seconds now and think about a brand that you love and the images that are associated with that brand. Think about the key words that come to mind when you envision their images. Now, think about a time when you came across a brand, viewed their website with interest in potentially doing business, but the images used on their site completely turned you away (I know that has happened to me a good number of times.) Remember, first impressions are lasting! (yes, even in the branding world!)

Dominique has made me so proud with how she uses the images from our sessions together for her brand! From her website, to social media marketing material, Dominique makes the best use of her image gallery by providing consistent imagery for brand, which has in turn created loyal clients for her.

Dominique is a certified financial advisor, specializing in educating others about personal finance and how to achieve their dreams! She has a strong passion for working with other young professionals, creatives and entreprenuers helping to guide them to wealth. Check out her site here. She is an amazing at what she does , and comes highly recommended by me!

Here are some recent images from our personality/headshots session together. Enjoy!

Dominique's Session-26 Dominique's Session-23 Dominique's Session-19 Dominique's Session-47Dominique's Session-68Dominique's Session-71Dominique's Session-75Dominique's Session-81Dominique's Session-85

  1. Lloyd Eley says:

    This was a great read!

  2. Shalyce says:

    Wow, awesome photoshoot! Great job!

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