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Why A Professional Makeup Artist Is Important for Your Engagement Session

February 11, 2016

DSC_6903-1So – he asked you and you said YES! You’ve found the PERFECT wedding photographer, picked out an amazing location for your engagement photoshoot, and now have some killer outfits for the shoot – GREAT! It’s now time to focus on the beauty details to make your engagement session even better, bride-to-be! In this post, I’m going to share a few points on why a professional makeup artist is important for your engagement session. 

This is a really fun topic for me! Partly because my sister is a licensed and professional esthetician and makeup artist, so I know beautiful skin and makeup  when I see it. But, I really do appreciate the art of makeup.  As I mentioned in my previous engagement session post, professional makeup artists for engagement sessions are necessary and  really makes the photographer’s job easier for your engagement shoot.  Though my philosophy is, “makeup optional”, I do LOVE the way makeup naturally enhances a woman’s features.  Before I divulge my top reasons for the importance of using a professional makeup artist, I need to stress the importance of preparing your skin at least 72 hours before your shoot by drinking lots of water and properly washing and treating your skin at night.  Consulting a licensed esthetician or makeup artist is highly suggested to find the right products for your skin type.

What do I use to treat my skin, you ask? I’d love to share!

Now that our skin is clean, toned and hydrated, let’s dive right into my 3 reasons a professional makeup artist for engagement sessions are important!

1. Professional makeup sets the visual and mental tone for the shoot.

Don’t lie, ladies! You know you feel amazing when your hair and makeup is done! It’s such a magical feeling which can only be summed up by the lyrics of my FAV Beyonce “I’m feelin’ myself! I’m feelin’ myself!”  Let’s be real… without a doubt, most women absolutely HAVE to have their hair professionally done before their engagement shoot but opt to do their own makeup to save costs.   Look, I totally understand saving money where you can but I would beg to say maybe you can reinvest the money for that outfit/shoes, into a polished finish with your makeup? It’s a detail I wouldn’t dare pass on.

2. Professional cameras tend to enhance textures and blemishes on camera.

By getting your makeup done professionally, your skin appears more smooth and your features are enhanced naturally. Compliment that with blush, highlight, lips and a beautiful outfit, and you’re super prepared for your photo shoot!  I’d definitely prefer a lipstick that is matte or low gloss.  And I’m sure you feel like a million bucks, right?! 🙂

3. Great way to use as a bridal trail for wedding day makeup.

One of the smartest reasons for getting your makeup done is because your engagement shoot can double as the bridal trial for your wedding day makeup. Bridal trials are a must and what better way than to kill two birds with one stone! Working with your makeup artist before the wedding day is just as important as working with your photographer.  I hope this post is helpful! By combining the engagement session with the makeup bridal trial, you’re able to start envisioning what you’ll look like on the wedding day.

I hope this post is helpful! There has been and will be a ton of great information coming your way with the “With This Ring” blog series! We wanted to provide tips for brides and grooms coming straight from a photographers perspective. Make sure you check out the rest of the blogs to learn other great ideas on preparing for your engagement session!

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  1. Lauren says:

    This is so helpful! I just booked my appointment with my makeup artist last night. My best friend is a makeup artist and demanded I get my makeup professionally done for my engagement pics!

  2. Ashley hopgood says:

    I agree with this 100%, some people just don’t get that makeup enhances your natural beauty. I work st Sephora and I’m always stressing the issue about skincare to our clients and when a bride come in to learn how to apply makeup for her big day I always suggest a professional make up artist. #bridetobe❤️

    • rheawhitneyphotography@gmail.com says:

      YES!!! So you definitely get it! GREAT!! Skin care and makeup goes a long way! Glad you enjoyed this post!

  3. Vershanté White says:

    I really enjoyed this post! I tell my clients that skin care and makeup go hand in hand. I like to create a regimen that get their skin glowing and then we pull out all the stops with makeup for the big day. I also recommend doing the makeup trail on the day of the engagement shoot or bridal party because who doesn’t enjoy saving money. I tell everyone when it comes to your big day don’t skip out on your glam squad make sure they are in place! You videographer, photographer, hair and makeup team is dedicated to making you look beautiful and capturing all the memories. Also make sure your braidsmaids are on board as well, Yes we know your already asking a lot from them but they are doing it because they love you! So make hair and makeup just as important as wardrobe. Plus having your artist or stylist and their teams take care your party will keep you ladies cohesive and it may also get you a better price since it’s a party! Congrats Brides to be and I hope to see some of you in my chair ????

    • rheawhitneyphotography@gmail.com says:

      OMG, girl! PERFECTLY said!! I totally agree! Your glam squad is SUCH an important part of the big day…just as much as that beautiful gown! Glad that you suggest skin care regimen to your clients as well. Keep being amazing, love! <3

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  5. Kelli Clark says:

    Oh man, all of these blog posts are so good! You all have really outdone yourselves (and I mean that in the best way)! I can admit that the makeup part has me more nervous than the actual shoot. I don’t wear a lot of makeup day to day so I’m afraid that I will get mine done and, although it might look fab to everyone else, I won’t FEEL like I look like myself. I’ve expressed these concerns with my makeup artist and luckily she knew exactly what I was talking about. Truly looking forward to my “soft beat” as she calls it 🙂 I hadn’t thought much about skin prep though, so thanks for the heads up! Oh, and your photos are giving me LIFE!

    • rheawhitneyphotography@gmail.com says:

      Awww!! Thank you love!! So glad your makeup artist made you feel comfortable with your “soft beat” – that’s exactly what they’re supposed to do! And you’re welcome for the skin prep! 🙂

  6. Kelly says:

    Coming from a girl who doesn’t wear makeup on a daily basis I agree these photos will live forever you’ll regret not having a professional do your makeup.

  7. Keyana says:

    Totally loving these posts… one by one they have been informative… but as a collective they are amazing. I so agree that the right makeup is important and I’m definitely taking notes to prep my skin. Your post already hit the high notes (ACV and baking soda are my lifesavers)… but I want to add… no shout lol… Don’t forget the teeth! Thanks for sharing because we are listening.

    • rheawhitneyphotography@gmail.com says:

      HAHA! Ooooh YES!!! Teeth whiting is important, too. Great point!! SO glad you are enjoying the posts and the series! That’s what we want and love to hear! <3

  8. Charo says:

    Great post!!! And I agree I wouldn’t dare do a shoot without my makeup artist! He would disown me if I did!! Lol ❤️❤️

    • rheawhitneyphotography@gmail.com says:

      HAHA!! Now, I wouldn’t go that far…LOL But some guys loves the polished, makeup look better, so I totally understand. 🙂

  9. Jomaire Crawford says:

    Hi Rhea! I just got engaged a week ago so I’m bookmarking this for my first sit-down with my best friends (and bridesmaids to be!). Thanks for the ideas and inspiration. I was thinking destination so this just means I have some up-front thinking to do about MUAs for the big day (and not just my engagement shoot). #BoothToBe #KissingBooth2k16 #FutureMrs #BlackLove #ISaidYes

  10. Felecia says:

    Completely agree! Pro makeup is essential to a great picture product.

  11. Jamila J says:

    My engagement shoot was the first time I wore professional make-up. My face was flawless.

    To all of the ladies who haven’t taken their engagement photos, take heed to the advice above.

    Thanks for the referrals I will be contacting the Atlanta artists!

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  14. Shantina Woods says:

    I so enjoyed reading about why to wear make up! As well as the proper products to use as well as how far in advance to began the skincare prior to the shoot! Which is information and education I was lacking!

  15. Imani Finn says:

    I love the focus on SKINCARE as well as professional makeup for an engagement shoot! I didn’t get my makeup professionally done, however I did and still do focus on good skincare leading up to my wedding. It really shows in pictures if that effort was put in or not

  16. sexdate says:

    This weblog is realy great! I just wanna say thank you for sharing this kind of useful information with me.

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