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3 Tips On How To Best Prepare For Your Engagement Session

January 27, 2016

Are you a newly engaged bride or groom to be? If so, CONGRATS on your engagement!  This is going to be a very exciting time for you and your loved one as you all plan your special day. Exciting and maybe frustrating – but let’s be positive and only focus on the good! I often hear that the wedding market can be very overwhelming with prices, options, and society forcing you to feel like you have to do certain things for an amazing wedding day.  But just remember, this is YOUR day.  A day bringing together the lives of you and your love, so make it exactly how you’d like to. DO YOU boo!

I’d like to try and make things more helpful as the both of you begin to plan for your first official photo shoot as an engaged couple. So, here are my 3 tips on how to best prepare for your engagement session for an amazing and successful shoot!

1. Inspiration

I love to receive inspiration images from my clients to get an idea of what they are envisioning. I like to ask for at least 5 photos that display images they’ve seen and liked, keeping in mind what they like as a couple as well. I say “inspiration” images  because I don’t promise to recreate those exact images, but merely use them as a visual mood board for the look and feel of what the couple is drawn to.  It’s been very helpful for me! A great place to compile your inspiration photos is with Pinterest.

2. Makeup

I LOVE a beautifully made face! There is nothing like the poppin’ lashes, evenly bronzed skin, popped cheek and lip that makes a great outfit even better! I understand that there are a lot of women who don’t like too much makeup, and prefers a more natural look, which is great.  But, a professionally crafted natural look is so much better on camera and photographs well.  I always highly suggest or even include professional makeup application to my clients for their portrait sessions.

3. Time of Photo Shoot

This is SUCH an important part of planning a perfect engagement session! The time of day determines where the sun is positioned and how light falls on you. Shooting at high noon for a portrait session is NOT a good idea or ideal.  Based on the season and day lights savings time, early mornings and late afternoons are best for an engagement session because the sun is not right above the us.  The light is more of an angle which is preferred. The (sun)light in the morning is a great mixture of light and soft and more cool when it comes to the white balance of your photos, which makes for a very clean look.  The light in the evening is approaching the  “golden hour” so it is more warm, glaring and yellow toned. Both scenarios create for ideal lighting scenarios for your photographer and help to create an amazing session!

I hope these tips are helpful as  your prepare for your engagement session. I can think of so many other suggestions to write about, so I’ll be sure to follow-up on this post soon! But until then- enjoy some of my favorite engagement session images below! 🙂


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  1. Kamron Khan says:

    Loved your tips! A fresh beat face is the best. Plus it makes you feel like a rockstar. Great post!!

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