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3 Reasons Why I Love The First Look

June 24, 2020

When I say I LOVE a first look and all of the wonderful extras that come with it. You ever hear about those weddings that just flowed perfectly? The big secret is a first look and here are 3 reasons why you’ll love one for your big day too!

1. They keep things on time. 

People tend to run a little late on the wedding day, it’s pretty normal. Especially of the bridal team side. There’s hair and makeup that has to get done for each bridesmaids, mom, and bride and beauty takes time (can I get an AMEN?!) so incorporating a first look into the flow of the day really helps to keep people on time for the ceremony because we’ve already planned to be ready earlier than the ceremony start time. That is a TRUE WIN right there.

2. Get private intimate time with your soon to be spouse minutes before you say “I do!” 

This moment can not be more special in my opinion!! The excitement of seeing your hunny all dolled up and ready to marry YOU in an intimate setting (no friends or family) with time to really take in the day and all the beauty and love you guys have is just one of the most special parts of doing a first look. Many of my clients also have told me that the first look really helped to calm their nerves and get them excited and amped up for the big day! Lastly, there have been many time that a first look was the only time where we were able to get outdoor portraits with good, soft natural light and no rain. I’m not saying it’s going to rain on your day or anything, but in the case of rain, a first look has saved my clients many times ensuring that we still got ideal shots for their gallery just like they’ve been dreaming of for years!

3. More portraits!

I meannnnnn, that alone speaks to my love language right there!! Portraits in your dress, portraits with your soon-to-be, portraits with your girls! More portraits everywhere! A first look really extends the amount of time you can have in getting as creative as you want. My mind is always full of shots that I want to take of my couples and they always come correct with their style, enthusiasm and love. Also the venue you chose to get marries atwas for a reason! You booked a venue with a sculpture garden and a waterfall? Oh, I’m definitely making sure we showcase everything made your day one to remember.

Whatever call you make is the best one for you!

My belief though is that every couple has an ideal story of how they want their day to go. So whether you choose to drop your jaw with seeing your love for the first time in a gorgeous olive grove, or at the altar alongside your friends and family, is all up to you. Know that either way is perfect, special, and worthy to be cherished.

Enjoy a few of my fav first look moments! All images by Rhea Whitney Photography.

Rhea Whitney Photography. First Look wedding moments.
Rhea Whitney Photography. First Look wedding moments.
Rhea Whitney Photography. First Look wedding moments.
Rhea Whitney Photography. First Look wedding moments.
Rhea Whitney Photography. First Look wedding moments.
Rhea Whitney Photography. 3 reasons why I love a first look.

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